About Us


Formed in 1993, Russell & Partners was created by a group of leading industry professionals who identified the need for a new type of global recruitment company. The structure, methodology and approach are unique and have been continually developed over the years to ensure the service levels and value proposition remain unrivalled.

The recruitment industry and the tools available to both clients directly and suppliers have changed dramatically over the last decade. With the development of social networking, business communications tools and ‘crowd sourcing’ techniques, many traditional needs for assistance have diminished. Russell & Partners have remained focussed on providing real value and benefits to clients. Our commitment goes above and beyond the identification and attraction of talent not accessible by other means and towards building true partnerships.

Experienced Multi-Disciplinary Team

Russell & Partners is uniquely structured and provides a dedicated team approach to all projects undertaken. A combination of account management, project management and dedicated project delivery teams means everyone is working together, pooling individual strengths with a pure focus on delivery and exceeding client expectations. The management team alone of R&P have more than 75 years’ combined headhunting experience. The combination of our service delivery based structure and expertise results in generating real value and advice for any challenging scenario.

Business Objectives

When we are given a mandate – be it Search project, talent sweep, feasibility study or RPO solution – we work with our clients to fully understand the business requirement first and foremost. Whatever the aim is, it is vital that a thorough understanding of the business objective is created to make sure alignment is successful and the project launch happens quickly. These are the first steps required to develop and execute our bespoke service.

Global Reach

Russell & Partners have undertaken projects in more than 35 countries to-date. Our methodology is geographically agnostic and has been proved the world over. Approximately 85-90% of our assignments are outside of the UK and our reach includes all of EMEA, US, LATAM, APAC. This includes both Emerging BRIC and FSU locations.


In the same way we are geographically agnostic, our approach works across any industry sector. Over the last few years we have been brought into:

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Telecoms
  • Clean Tech and Sustainability
  • IT and Software
  • Chemical
  • Agricultural (inc. Chem)
  • Supply Chain
  • Aerospace and Automotive
  • Consultancy

In summary, Russell & Partners offers a dedicated solution around the needs of any client for any type of position, in any market for any location, building a bespoke team in-house to ensure fast success.