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Bespoke Executive Search

Companies today have a wealth of access to networks and database contacts. Simply buying into ‘an existing network’ through traditional executive search consultants no longer justify the costs involved. Companies looking to contact candidates who are responsive to social networking, simple approaches and easily identifiable can do so much more cost effectively in most situations. At Russell & Partners we look at where we can add real value. Our service involves a detailed analysis of the business objective behind any recruitment requisition. A client job specification is useful, but to really understand the requirements behind a hire, it is vital to have a full understanding of what someone coming on board is actually expected to achieve. Once this understanding is in place, we build a specific search plan tailored to those requirements, without having to rely on existing networks or candidate availability. The search is shaped on the skill-set and requirements required to achieve the objectives and will include lateral industry sectors, widened pan-regional geographies and ‘off network’ candidates. In addition to this plan, the experience of our consultants ensure that each identified individual is approached and attracted in such a way as to guarantee the highest return rate possible.

This methodology is only possible due to Russell & Partners having our own experienced team of dedicated operational consultants supported by the operations and account director. We only work on a retained basis for our clients to enable complete commitment to each individual project and thereby assigning many more man-hours to the search process. This system enables an exhaustive search to be completed within the same time frames as traditional search companies. By carrying out a total and exhaustive search prior to short-list delivery, we are looking for reasons to rule a candidate out of the process rather than rule them in. The end result is a shortlist of candidates who would not have otherwise been reached, attracted or considered, but more importantly, one which the client has total confidence in being the best in the market.