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Talent Mapping and Succession Planning

Pre-empting potential gaps in talent is becoming more and more common. Today’s companies now incorporate a talent management process as part of a wider strategy plan and part of this is in an attempt to reduce the level of quick ‘fire-fighting’ when unexpected departures happen. Having a company ‘on hand’ and armed with fresh market information can be very valuable in these situations. The information generated can be utilised not only for growth strategy but to minimise delay due to talent loss. We ensure the client is in the best position to turn round a search in the shortest timeframe. Russell & Partners utilise a combination of search skill and experience to produce talent maps spanning regions, or even global, and multi-functional. In short, for whatever purpose the client wishes. The knowledge, experience and value we bring through these projects ensure you have a partner ready to react to any situation where talent acquisition becomes urgent. We also carry out market analysis and provide business intelligence to assist in reporting and ultimately, key business decisions.