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Failed Search Recovery

Companies often find themselves in situations where they just have not found the right candidate. Strategic and often critical roles can be left open for many months, revenue generation opportunities / specific business areas are being missed / not addressed and there is a feeling that the hiring process is at a ‘dead-end’. This happens despite utilising numerous different approaches to recruitment and local partners, “top 5” headhunters & even advertising / social media sources have run dry.

Certain types of roles and locations can present a range of different challenges in how the right talent is both identified and attracted into a recruitment process. These ‘busted’ projects are often due to a contact network running out, the ‘reach’ not being wide enough or the right approach not being applied.

Russell and Partners have frequently been engaged where searches have been on-going for a very long time and the compromises on offer from other sources are just not good enough. Our bespoke approach to how we both identify and attract talent has consistently resulted in a timely and successful hire. The combination of our highly experienced team and our client-specific talent mapping process means we present people who have either not previously been considered or attracted to role.

Our bespoke solution approach has been proven and demonstrated across the globe for 20 years. There is zero reliance on an existing network of connections but rather a pure focus on the business objectives of the client.