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Global Restructuring

Organisational restructuring in often a necessary but challenging task, especially at a pan-regional level. Whether the restructure is due to changes in business strategy or for large scale performance enhancement, the focus to acquire exceptional talent across the region is vital. Leaders and their support services implementing the change have a huge task to complete, of which recruitment and talent acquisition is only a part, albeit an important part. Issues often faced when dealing with the recruitment element include

  • Inconsistencies in services levels in different locations
  • Requirement to keep track of multiple contact points
  • Lack of cohesion throughout the recruitment process for differing roles
  • Inconstant quality of candidates provided
  • Poor onboarding process and future tracking

Russell and Partners provide a one-stop solution to ensure complete project control across the whole region, or even globally, whilst maintaining consistency with service levels, quality, contact points and brand representation in the market. Working as a genuine partner, you can focus on the task at hand knowing that the talent mapping and candidate attraction process is in line with the business strategy and shortlisted candidates will be available for each requisition in time.

Using our centralised, experienced multi-disciplinary team and working to our dedicated talent acquisition process ensures top talent for each position in every location delivered ahead of time. This eradicates the risk of delays due to failure to hire, ultimately causing delays to the whole restructure project and missed revenue opportunity. Our experience includes rebuilding sales teams, creating new operational and technical infrastructure groups, building centres of excellence for global quality through to multiple country management teams across industry sectors.