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International Growth

Organisations need to ensure that they have the best talent focussed on generating revenue streams, delivering products and/or services in the geographical locations with the most opportunities. This could be the emerging markets of the BRIC countries for some and EMEA, APAC or The USA for others. The R&P solution ensures that for all these scenarios, you will consistently be able to hire the best people with minimal effort.

The importance of aligning with a partner focussed on top talent acquisition for both the short and long term plan is critical to maximising success. Our multi-disciplinary team approach – dedicating specific resources and experience – ensures that for every client we develop a bespoke search solution, resulting in fresh identification and unrivalled attraction of talent regardless of regional scope or market sector. R&P have completed many projects in multiple industries such as:

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Telecom
  • Technology
  • Manufacturing
  • Agrochem
  • Aerospace
  • Supply Chain
  • Chemical

Our approach of having dedicated operational teams focussed on pure project delivery for our clients means we do not rely on selecting candidates from existing contact networks. We are able to implement a process tailored to the objectives behind the recruitment need and results in building a specific talent pool. Our real value comes from identifying and attracting candidates who are often ‘off network’ / ‘out of reach’, combined with extensive profiling and screening. We are looking to rule people out rather than reasons to rule people in. This results in a candidate shortlist which combines the best of ‘fit’ and ‘ability’ specific to the objectives behind the recruitment need and includes talent from lateral industries alongside core competitors.