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Limited Talent Pool

There are many reasons why organisations at times do not grow to their full potential, but one of the most frustrating can be not having enough operational resources despite customer demand. These resources can range from infrastructure to raw materials and, of course, key personnel. When working in areas with high demand or limited expertise, be that emerging geographical markets or new technologies, companies are often faced with a very limited talent pool with which to recruit.

Approaching these markets with traditional recruitment methods rarely achieve the desired result. Restrictive networks, active candidates and traditional networking often result in candidate lists which are lacking in calibre or expertise for the demand behind the recruitment. This leads to either extreme compromises or resorting to expensive internal moves or external relocations, and the need to backfill.

Russell & Partners offer a solution which offer two key elements to overcome these issues:

1. Total maximisation of the attraction from the limited candidate pool available.
2. Utilisation of lateral industries, cross transferable skill sets to widen the search scope.

By developing a tailored approach to the market focusing purely on the business objectives behind the recruitment requisition, we can achieve both of these aims without compromising the quality of candidates, the requirements of the hire or the cultural fit with the client. The dedicated project delivery team are highly experienced in not only identifying the individuals with the crucial skills required, but also in attracting them to consider the opportunity we are working on, regardless of their current position or employer.

We have proven this bespoke approach in both the emerging BRIC markets and also in more established markets for new, disruptive technologies across many different industries. Often clients have tried many alternative methods – with zero results – before successfully concluding with Russell and Partners.